April 25th, 2014

Wow! DCAF was a lot of fun. For those of you who missed it make plans NOW, right now, to go to the next one. Thanks to all that stopped by for books, prints and other goodies.

Now that that’s out of the way we can get to some wonderful meatness. Henry’s getting drawn at a good pace and new pages (multiples) will be up soon. Henry’s my favorite work so far and I can’t wait to show off just how weird this one is. Going to be a lot of fun!

Here’s a look at one of the latest pages:



I’m also getting back into the podcasting thing at some point very soon, but I have no idea when. It’s all up in the air but plans are in place and I’m moving forward dammit!

This was a quick update. Gotta get back to making the donuts!