April 8th, 2014

Back in 2008 there was this thing called a recession. The recession was something, at the time, I only barely understood but I knew it had to do with money and how we were all basically boned. Well it’s 2014 now and I don’t think we’re in that recession any more but God-damn, do we ever work like we are!  That’s why you should all come out to DCAF this weekend where I’ll have a table and some sweet comicy goodness for your eye-balls creamy fun centre.

But what’s DCAF?

“The Dartmouth Comics Art Fest (DCAF) is a FREE all-ages event celebrating comics & cartooning! Come meet dozens of artists and vendors as they display and sell their wondrous wares at this annual event.”

That’s right, folks! It’s one of the good ones. You’ll want to steal cars to make it out to this thing! So check out the site and see who the amazing guests are and stop by Strange Adventures and treat yourself to some geeky goodness. You’ve earned it! http://dcaf.strangeadventures.com/

Maybe you’ll get your hands on one of these sweet babies!