Behind the Scenes #001

I wanted to create a post that would show the amount of work it takes to create my comics/cartoons. You know, behind the scenes type stuff you might find on some DVD or VHS or whatever format you’re all stuck on now…. welp…. let’s get started:

First, I sketch out a small thumbnail drawing. This thing is no bigger than a business card and that allows me to worry more about the composition and pace of the page rather than the anatomy, perspective and all that fun stuff. After the thumbnail’s ready and I’m happy with it I’ll scan it and usually ‘blow it up’ to the page size I’m working on (usually 11×17 unless I’m drawing twice up) then add the pencils. These days I’m working on a cintiq so the thumbnail and pencilling process are done right in photoshop rather than on paper.

After pencilling the page I’ll print off the pencils in a ‘light blue’ colour directly on bristol paper and ink that sucker with the various torture devices I use.



Inking’s complete! I’m ready to scan it into my system as high rez and add the colour, word balloons, text and all that other funky stuff, but I’ll post more on that in the FUTURE!

Here’s a few more images of various steps in this process:

CCI08252014 pg10rough-1 st-rough54