New: Henry Vs the Reptilian Overlords of the Cosmos

My hair’s getting long and I keep getting smellier and smellier but that’s not stopping me from making my new comic “Henry vs the Reptilian Overlords of the Cosmos (that have his bunny.)”

I can’t wait to show off what this comic is. It’s the wildest thing I’ve written to date and will be extremely challenging to draw, which is my kind of comic! Continue Reading


Mushface Podcast: New Candy For Your Ears

Just like you, your friends, your grandmother and that homeless dude down the street, I’ve decided to start a podcast. What is this thing about? The creative process, “nerd-culture” and slice of life stuff.

Why do a podcast? The answer is simple: I suck at public speaking and the only way to get better is to force myself to do it and do it well. So far I’ve recorded a couple of excellent episodes you can download in the “podcast” section of this sweet sweet website.

So click and listen! And I’d love to hear from you! Write in and I’ll read your letter on the air! WOW!