Crypta Art

Check out this illustrated piece I did for Andrew Parker and Brandon Cahela’s animated series Crypta! This was super fun to draw and the series looks very promising. Check out the Crypta website and see how you can help get a pilot episode made:

The series features the voice talents of Henry Zebrowski and Ed Larson.

UPDATE: The Crypta Seed&Spark is now live! Check out the link and see how you can help this series pilot get made, cause it’s gonna be amazing:


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Holdenator Art

Holdenators HOOOOOOO! Check out this sweet beast I got to do for Holden McNeely!


Holden’s an amazingly talented comedy writer/performer so be sure to check out some of his stuff at the links below:

Round Table of Gentlemen:

Holden’s official site:

Holden’s Twitch Channel:

Huffin’ It:

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Art update

Just wanted to share a few pieces of art I finished up recently and show off the work in progress sketches. The fun never stops. never….









Trying some cartoons

I’ve been working away at animating a few shorts with Henry. So far it’s been a slow process, but it’s been a lot of fun. I’ll update here more frequently with the project as I go.


DitchBitch-model Henry-model4test57 Saurator-model testbg02 testbgbandw