Round Table of Gentlemen Podcast

You should all check out the latest episode of The Round Table of Gentlemen podcast brought to you by Mushface Comics! Seriously one of my favorite podcasts put on by some of the most talented, funny comedians on this planet (or the next.) In fact you all should be listening to most of the shows on Cave Comedy Radio, but I can’t force you into making good decisions for yourselves. Brush your teeth, get outside once in a while for a nice walk, call your mothers.. seems like all I do is nag…

Check out the latest episode here:


The 666th Annual Lord Satan Festival poster

I was asked by some of the folks in the Cowmen/Murderfist to help create a poster for the upcoming “Lord Satan Festival” event with some amazing acts. I drew this messed up Satan thing while Alison Knott put in all the letters/graphic designy type stuff. I think it turned out pretty good! (Hopefully it turns some heads)

If you’re in the NY area you should check out the show. More info here:


Check out the acts below. They’re all great!

And check out Alison’s work here:

New Poster!

Check out this new poster I did just for fun! FOR FUN I SAYS!


This one has the aged look I use on the Henry comic: