Comics: let your eyeballs feast on gory goodies

Henry vs The Reptilian Overlords of the Cosmos #1

Henry must save his beloved pet bunny from barbaric Reptilians!

Tales From the Mush #1

Short stories! Who doesn't love those? Read about a mutant nerd and a dumb ghost!

Slaughter Lake

Mason Bowers is on the loose and he has a taste for blood! BLOOD!

The One Eyed Monster

Urban Legend or true story? You decide! And break out your 3D glasses for this bad-boy!

Captain Mushface #6

This cult be crazy! Can Marc and Ed stop the giant-baby cult leader??

Captain Mushface #5

Marc and Ed are on a space-station controlled by a cult. Ruh-ohs.

Captain Mushface #4

Galorah is in town and she wants to destroy an entire planet to produce her overly excessive show! Yikes!

Captain Mushface #3

The exciting conclusion! Marc and Ed come face to face with the bots that stole their bodies.

Captain Mushface #2

The second super exciting issue of Captain Mushface! Cover by Patrick Paradis.

Captain Mushface #1

The very first issue of Captain Mushface! And the first Mushface Comic! WOW!