June 21, 2014

Man, have I ever been wasting time trying a bunch of new stuff that hasn’t quite worked in my favour. The latest thing I’ve been trying is creating action figures using silicone/resin, but silicone is expensive! Really expensive! So I experimented with plaster, and maaaaannnn the mess I made. (Back to silicone I guess!)

Aside from the above mess/fun I’ve been having, I’ve been working away at Henry but wanted to change the design of the main baddie. It means going back over some art, but nothing major. The new pages will be coming soon at a bit more regularity. I’ve also gone back too look at Henry’s roots in my early comic making days. For those that have been following me for some time you’ll know I used to work away at a comic I called “Wrath of Brom,” which was a bad name, since unbeknownst to me, used the name of a very famous fantasy artist. Not to say I’ve never seen Brom’s artwork before, I just didn’t know the name. I didn’t want anyone to make a connection with Mr. Brom and my comic so I changed the main characters name and it became “Wrath of Borin.”


Wrath of Borin was about a barbarian who loses his arm in battle only to have it replaced with a demon arm from some freaky witches who have ‘plans’ for him. Borin, however, just wants to get revenge on a king that had his family killed. It dealt with a lot of Borin dealing with death and what life means and blah blah blah…. exactly blah. Wrath of Borin was Wrath of Boring. Chalk that up too inexperience as a writer/comic maker but maaaannnn that project droned on and on.


Originally Wrath of Borin was going to incorporate a small bit of weird cyber-punk technology, but I axed the idea in favour of a more “Lord of the Rings/Conan” world. I gots my regrets!


Even though I cancelled the project I always wanted to tell a barbarian type story. I’ve been a huge fan of the old Warlord, Conan the Barbarian, and Masters of the Universe for a long time and wanted to make a love-letter to those old fun stories, so trying to work an interesting twist on the genre has been a challenge. I always planned to bring ‘Borin’ back one way or another, but could never quite work him into anything good.


Finally I decided to let Borin go after I started drawing a much older barbarian character, but again his personality really didn’t come through until I started combining elements of horror, conspiracy theories, and paranoid delusions- Henry was born!

borin-head1 borin-head2 borinsketch

I’ve been slowly working away on this one but I have to say that Henry vs The Reptilian Overlords of the Cosmos is my best work yet.

Below, I’ve attached some of the old Wrath of Borin’ pages.

borin_demon_by_mushfacecomics-d39zjmr borin-cover borinupdatelateapril WOBiss1-cover wobupdatemarch31 wrath_of_borin_iss1pg9_by_mushfacecomics-d371zft wrath_of_borin_iss2pg01_colors_by_mushfacecomics-d39mrcn wrath_of_borin_page_by_mushfacecomics-d3h1z6x